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Attendance Management System

Accurately record the attendance of the students day and subject-wise, using an automated attendance management system, in a matter of a few seconds. Enable students to apply for a leave in a few seconds and get a quick update, thus helping the teachers in saving a significant amount of time

Generate Faculty and Administrative Staff Member’s Attendance Records for Salary and Payroll Processing

Create a comprehensive report to keep a tab on the students who are regularly attending the lectures. Assist the instructors to overcome manual roll-calling attendance and enable them to effectively track and monitor the real-time attendance of students as well as staff members.

Payroll Integration
Payroll Integration

Integrated attendance summary with payroll, which can be used for calculating salary and other benefits by considering the days the faculty was present, absent, and was on leave.

Higher Institutional ROI
Higher Institutional ROI

Save thousands by automating student attendance and significantly reduce the roll call time to a few seconds by employing automated tracking of attendance.

Paperless Attendance
Paperless Attendance

With an online digital attendance monitoring system, the institute significantly cuts down its dependence on paper documentation, thereby making the process eco-friendly.

RFID Attendance
RFID Attendance

Biometric Attendance
Biometric Attendance

Mobile App
Mobile App

QR Code
QR Code

RFID Attendance Management System

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) uses a simple mechanism that helps in marking the attendance of an entire class of students in a few seconds, unlike the lengthy roll-calling attendance process. An RFID card with a Unique Identification Number (UIN) is given to students such that the RFID that is installed at the entrance of the school, library, classrooms, labs, etc. are able to automatically detects the entry by scanning the UIN and marks the attendance.

The RFID reader offers wireless identification of students when they are in the vicinity of the radiofrequency range of the RFID attendance reader. It is capable of reading multiple cards at once thus, the attendance of a group of students is marked simultaneously. The data from the RFID reader is then automatically fetched by the integrated school and college ERP software. The institutes can get easy access to student attendance of every lecture and practicals they have attended on a real-time basis.

The RFID attendance management system can further be used to monitor and track the attendance of staff and faculty, thereby simplifying the payroll management procedure. No line of sight is required to read an RFID tag, thus saving lots of time. Get 100% accuracy with RFID attendance with no human error like in bar code reading.

Biometric Attendance Management System

Another important electronic attendance system for students and employees is the biometric attendance system. This system requires the student’s thumb to press on a biometric device for attendance. The student’s finger is saved in the biometric system linked to the school or college ERP. As fingerprints are unique for each individual, there are fewer chances of proxy attendance, thus making the attendance process highly reliable and accurate.

The attendance data is stored in the educational ERP, and can be viewed, assessed, and managed by the authorities in real-time. It offers role-based access, making it easier to track attendance information by specific stakeholders in real-time. With a streamlined and centralized attendance management system, it also tracks students’ and faculty’s early departures, late arrivals, leaves, and so on.

It systematically identifies, verifies, analyzes, and matches the fingerprint with the one stored in the secured cloud space. It can track the login and logout with complete authentication in just a few seconds. It is integrated with the HR management system, and faculty management system where attendance and leaves are used for payroll processing.

Mobile App Based Attendance System

A mobile-based attendance system is a mobile app that eliminates the time and energy wasted in taking manual attendance in schools or colleges. It further reduces the number of paper resources needed in attendance data management and makes it easier for students to mark their attendance with just a click. Every student and faculty has an individual unique login, recorded every time they log in. Educators from their respective logins can get a list of students and can mark students absent or present, as per the logins generated.

  • Leave Application: Students can further apply for leave through this app. Every time a student or parent applies for a leave, the faculty gets notified immediately and thus can effectively manage the leave process via a mobile app.
  • LMS Integration: The attendance management system is auto-synced with the LMS software enabling the faculty to upload assignments/course material/lecture notes/question banks, etc. while taking attendance. The integration improves the time efficiency by further enhancing the academic delivery.
  • Attendance Reports: By using a mobile app, the teacher easily generates highly accurate student attendance reports on a day-wise, week-wise, month-wise, and year-wise basis in a matter of a few seconds.

In QR code-based attendance, the students and faculty use unique QR codes generated by teachers and can use them on their mobile phones to mark their attendance. Here, marking attendance is the student’s responsibility, thereby saving the teacher’s time and effort. The code is easily shared by other applications, and the faculty can project it on the screen for students to scan.


QR Code Based Attendance System

In QR code based attendance, the students and faculty use unique QR codes generated by teachers and can use them on their mobile phones to mark their attendance. Here, marking attendance is the student’s responsibility thus saves the teacher’s time and effort. This code can be easily shared by other applications and can also be projected on the screen by the faculty for the students to scan the code.

In this attendance system, students mark their entry and exit from the school premises. Also, it is integrated with SMS notification which is auto-generated and sends the attendance details to teachers and parents on a daily basis. It further offers database backups on a frequent basis, thus ensuring highest security.

Faculty Management Features

>> 100% Accurate Student Attendance Records

Compile all the attendance data records and generate highly accurate records which can be used for compliance authorities, such as NBA and NAAC accreditation process.

>> Real-Time Attendance

Get live real-time attendance data of students and faculty within institute premises, which can be instantly accessed by faculty and parents.

>> Highly Secure Student Attendance

Keep the students attendance data safe and eliminate the possibility of data theft and proxy attendance issues in academic institutes.

>> Promote Better Workplace Communication

Ensure smooth attendance management of faculty with RFID & biometric features as well as stay updated with teacher regular salary status.