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ERP Management System

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) consists of tools intended to facilitate the management of all information that impacts a company’s business decisions. One-size-fits-all solutions rarely work, especially in the dynamic world of business applications. Why choose monolithic, off-the-shelf ERP software and then spend years and a fortune in implementations and customizations? On the surface, it seems counter-intuitive, but delve deeper and you’ll realize it’s counter-productive, too!


See all your work in one place so you can prioritize what matters most.

We Believe in Building Industry-First Solutions That Best-Fit Your Process.

Increase Efficiency by 97%
Increase Efficiency by 97%

Automated audits have yielded huge rewards for customers, freeing up entire teams and saving months of work.

Time Tracking
Time Tracking

Using time tracking software, simply monitor actions or new tasks that take up your working hours, and how long it takes you to complete them

Deadline Management
Deadline Management

Once we know what's the completion date of a project or a specific task, we can establish the right resources needed to complete a task on time.

Take the lead in your industry

Bring all your ERP activities under one roof.  comprehensive design bridges the gap between management simplifying all routine ERP processes. Delve into the specifics of departments, designations, and locations in seconds. Do more in minutes with your ERP.

  • Create innovative business models at global scale
  • Bring your business wherever it needs to go
  • Build sustainability directly into your business
  • Benefit from proven business processes for your industry

Custom ERP software for limitless possibilities


ERP is a low-code platform that lets you build powerful manufacturing ERP applications for your business operations. Business and IT teams can work together to quickly develop and deploy custom applications with our simple drag-and-drop interface.

With our rich ecosystem of features like schema builder, automated workflows, predictive analysis, and prebuilt integrations you can oversee every stage of your production life cycle with ease.

Reports that speak volumes

These apps will give you an idea of our platform’s capabilities. They’re in no way intended to limit your view of the endless customizations that our ERP solutions platform supports, or the ease with which you can integrate these suites of apps for a custom ERP aligned to your business needs.

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ERP System Features

>> Integration

The primary, and maybe most significant, benefit of ERP is a central view of essential financial, operational and business data that can be shared across the organization in near-real-time.


ERP provides the ability to automate repeatable business tasks, such as payroll, order processing, invoicing, reporting and more. Automation minimizes the time spent on manual data entry, reduces errors and lets employees focus on more value-added tasks.

>> Data Analysis

The power of data analysis is enabling employees to gather a wide variety of information and spin it into actionable insights—on new business opportunities as well as ways to optimize current operations, reduce costs, spot fraud and better serve customers.

>> Tracking and Visibility

ERP platforms allow companies to track, surface and understand business metrics—a powerful feature. They do this by facilitating companywide access to near-real-time data, breaking down information silos and offering reporting and analysis for every aspect of business operations.

>> Accounting

ERP accounting features deliver the ability to track, store and analyze financial data, such as accounts payable (AP), accounts receivable (AR), general ledger (GL), budgets and forecasting. Systems may perform more advanced tasks such as tax management, fixed assets management, revenue recognition and multi-currency reconciliation.

>> Customer Relationship Management

ERP systems with integrated CRM features bring customer relationship data into the mix, expanding the view of the business. All customer information—including contacts, order history, purchase orders and prospect status—is in a shared, easily accessible database.

What We Do

Automation-first philosophy

A custom ERP system, built on a low-code platform with advanced visual workflow editors, ensures automations are not pushed to the periphery of your ERP implementation, as a mere value-add. Easily deployable advanced automation workflows can bring your ERP system to the forefront of your operations.0

Higher utilization, lower maintenance

Though a custom ERP takes more time during conception and ideation, the build and maintenance takes much less, as the focus is on the business essentials, at the time of different releases. The utilization of features is also close to 100%, since every feature is built to address specific business exigencies.

Zero hidden costs

A definitive case in point for custom ERP solutions is its transparency in pricing structures. Since users pay for the platform and data storage, and not for the degree of automations, customizations, or third party integrations, you're always in control of your ERP spends.

ERPs that mirror your operations

With a bottom-up approach to ERP-building, custom ERP platforms ensure that your business processes and culture are at the heart of your ERP software, cascading into every stage of your ERP build, release, and maintenance—from data to design, from development to performance management.

Seamless data migration

Enterprise-grade data management capabilities assure easy data import, transformation, maintenance. Secured with encryption, cloud-based backups, and easy integrations, data migration from legacy applications is a breeze, keeping your data quality intact.

Empowering citizen development

The gaps in your expectations and outcome arise from your business users' dependence on traditional programmers to achieve your vision. Giving business users a platform through which they can deploy complex customizations and workflows, with a visually integrated development environment, reduces cycle time while increasing your ERP's relevance to its end users.


  • CRM
  • HRMS
  • Learning Management System
  • Inventory Management System
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  • CRM
  • HRMS
  • Learning Management System
  • Inventory Management System
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  • CRM
  • HRMS
  • Learning Management System
  • Inventory Management System
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