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Laboratory Management System

A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is software that allows you to effectively manage samples and associated data. By using a LIMS, your lab can automate workflows, integrate instruments, and manage samples and associated information. Additionally, you can produce reliable results more quickly and can track data from sequencing runs over time and across experiments to improve efficiency.


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Increase Efficiency by 97%
Increase Efficiency by 97%

Automated audits have yielded huge rewards for customers, freeing up entire teams and saving months of work.

Time Tracking
Time Tracking

Using time tracking software, simply monitor actions or new tasks that take up your working hours, and how long it takes you to complete them

Deadline Management
Deadline Management

Once we know what's the completion date of a project or a specific task, we can establish the right resources needed to complete a task on time.

Get The Out Of Your Medical Lab Business With LIMS

A modern LIMS has evolved from a sample-based tracking system to the digital backbone of the lab. It’s a tool that helps manage efficiency and costs. A LIMS does more than just keep track of your sample information, scientific data and results. It allows you to actively manage your entire lab process from instrument maintenance and samples to people and consumables. A LIMS manages laboratory samples and associated data, standardizes workflows, reduces human error and increases efficiency.

Meeting your needs to define, capture and manage your laboratory data across workflows

Designed for managing research and development lab data and workflows. Thermo Scientific Core LIMS software has the flexibility to evolve with new advances in science and technology including:  new instruments, techniques, data types, and tools. Core LIMS meets your needs for collecting, sharing, analyzing and archiving scientific data, but it’s also designed to be flexible and easy to change.

Laboratory Management System Features

>> Sample management / accessioning

Good sample management processes are necessary to ensure sample integrity, data quality, and proper chain of custody. Sample management capabilities include shipment management, accessioning, and inventory management.

>> Instrument management

Monitor the status of the lab’s instruments, schedule work and maintenance. Manage storage capacity and freezers across facilities to maintain environment requirements for solutions, reagents, samples, etc., to ensure that they remain in the proper conditions.

>> Workflow capabilities

Users can quickly build workflows which map to actual laboratory processes, automating decisions and actions and reducing the need for user intervention. Labs can easily adapt to new methods and process changes.

>> Lab automation

Instrument control for liquid handling and synthesis work stations including  Scientific and other vendors.

>> Collaborative work environment

Collect and share data securely in real-time with collaborators in your lab or across the globe.

>> Security

Cybersecurity is critical to ensure data integrity and business continuity. Ensure secure data and system access on premises or in the cloud.

What We Do

Clinical Pathology

The Leading Medical LIMS software with automated workflows that supports clinical pathology and reporting.

Molecular Pathology

Our LIS system consists of configurable workflows and PCR plating automation designed for molecular pathology testing.

Anatomic Pathology

Manage anatomic pathology workflows and turnaround time with real-time analytics, sample process automation and tracking with our customizable LIMS software.

Genetic Testing

Our laboratory information management system offers multi-stage sample management that improves turnaround time for genetic testing processes.


Histopathologists can improve medical lab testing capabilities using configurable LIS workflows & boolean search features.


Enhance the quality of microbiology testing with sample & workflow automation, interfaced instruments and configurable report formats; all in one LIMS.