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HR Management System

Manage human resources by streamlining the functions of the HR department using an integrated and centralized HR Management System. Enable the HR professionals to seamlessly conduct their day-to-day operations and save significant time, thereby boosting their productivity.

Foster Better Workplace Communication

Ensure smooth attendance management with biometric & RFID features. Stay updated with the teacher’s regular salary status and systematically store, view, and manage faculty tasks at institutes.

Centralized Employee Records
Centralized Employee Records

Enable better reporting, lower the costs of compliance, and prepare for audits with a single repository where all employee records are stored, maintained, and updated.

Analytics & Reporting
Analytics & Reporting

Run operational reports to complete compliance reporting, track HR information, and develop key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure HR process performance.

Effective Workforce Planning
Effective Workforce Planning

Plan the budget for workforce expenditures and measure it against the actual outlays for both present and future scenarios. Also, identify skill gaps and prioritize recruitment efforts.

Payroll Management
Payroll Management

 Leave Management
Leave Management

Employee Recruitment
Employee Recruitment

Employee Training
Employee Training

Employee Time
Employee Time

Employee Performance
Employee Performance

Reporting Analytics
Reporting Analytics

Payroll Management

Manage your faculty’s financial records in an automated fashion by streamlining all the operations related to the payroll. Effectively manage employee’s salaries, deductions, net pay, generation of payslips, bonuses, etc. Get a hassle-free approach to managing large amounts of data by adopting payroll management.

Pay precise and on-time salaries to the employees with end-to-end payroll processing and further reduce the workload of HR staff members. The payroll software adheres to the payroll laws stated by the Government of India. The payroll system integrates employee data and takes into account preset payscales, applicable taxes, leaves of absence, and attendance before calculating and processing paychecks.

Set earning and deduction rules in the system as well as create different rule combinations for employees having fifth, sixth pay, etc. Automatically enter deductions for various LICs, increment entry of eligible faculty, advance from salary, and attendance history from employee data. Also, create a supplementary bill for the payment of consultancy, arrears, bonus, etc.

time management

Leave Management System

This system enables recording, managing, and analyzing timesheets, keeping track of leaves, creating workforce schedules, and integrating all the data with payroll management. Set up employee leave policies and effectively manage their leaves seamlessly using a leave management system. Configure all types of leaves- paid leaves, casual leaves, leaves without pay, medical leaves, etc. Provide access to the faculty to check the daily attendance record, status of leave, and the ability to apply for leaves.

Leave Application & Approval

Establish and customise the policies for various types of leaves, such as earned leave, casual leave, medical leave, compensating leave, maternity and paternity leaves, service basis leaves, etc. On the site, employees can request a specific leave, which is subsequently sent to the following authorities for approval.

Fines and Calculation

The institute can define the fine and punishment configurations such as early going allowed limit, late coming, etc. Admin can allow or not allow the latecomers, faculties without punch-ins, and early-going employees.

Employee Recruitment and Onboarding Management

Facilitate employee recruiting online with a simple, open, and secure solution. Create a position on campus for qualified applicants based on their qualifications. Utilizing an online recruitment portal, monitor the entire review, hiring, and data management process. Enable the HR team to assess employees through goal management, performance evaluations, and the delivery of competency skills tests.

The HR team can advertise open positions on multiple job sites with the help of automated and central HRMS software. Build career pages on the company website, integrate open positions with job boards, manage resumes, extend job offers, and perform background checks. It also has other features, such as applicant filters, management of potential candidates for upcoming vacant roles, applicant tracking systems, etc. Get a seamless, hassle-free approach, and save hours finding a suitable candidate.

After a new employee is recruited, an onboarding module helps them adjusting to the company norms and improve future employee retention. With this module, employees can access work documentation, receive necessary onboarding tasks, meet new team members, etc., thus making the onboarding smoother.

requirtment process

Employee Record Management


Get a repository of all faculty data in one place to effectively manage day-to-day activities, leaves of absence, employee performance, salary to be paid, etc. Automate time-consuming and multiple tasks related to human resources management and save a large amount of capital and time for the institute.

HR should reorient its priorities to emphasize employees’ overall growth, which will ultimately benefit the school or college. Create a profile of teachers where they have the details of the subjects and courses they are teaching to specific students. Utilize filters to find out the overall number of employees, their present statuses, and their department.

Give the employee access to their original documents in their file, containing their personal information, family details, qualifications, change-of-scale information, appointment details, yearly increment information, loan and advance information, pay revision information, previous qualifying services, promotion and transfer information, nomination information, etc.

Employee Training and Development

Throughout their tenure, teachers may need to undergo training to keep them up to date with the necessary skills; via the help of the HRMS software. Employee compliance training is easily trackable. It offers multiple forms of training to instructors at different levels, including safety courses, certifications, and role-specific training. Utilize this information to develop learning strategies that will assist the workforce in achieving its goals by tracking team or faculty member goals.

team success

Employee Time & Attendance Management


Systematically track the performance of employees, help manage feedback, and set up evaluations. Easily monitor & track the performance of the faculty and administrative staff for a fair & bias-free appraisal. Track the year-wise performance and provide suitable increments. Record employee assessments on their day-to-day performance and present statistical data over a certain period. Also, the HR team can track employee activities on a real-time basis and find out consistent performers in the organization.

Employee Performance Management

With just a press of a button, auto-generated HR MIS reports free of errors are obtained due to staff leaves, payments, payslips, etc., which streamlines HR’s everyday tasks. Smart MIS reporting enables the users to create, manage, and export reports using available employee data. This improves the decision-making process and saves time in creating graphical dashboards.

team stratergy

Reporting and Analytics

dashboard 44

Analyze leads to gaining actionable insights with the help of dashboards. The lead management software consists of two types of dashboards: the User Dashboard and the Admin dashboard, based on user-specific needs.

Executive Dashboard

The institute executives have access to User dashboards which gives them insights into the status of all the leads assigned to them.

Information such as the number of inquiries, follow-up leads, and closed leads can be viewed region-wise, territory-wise, etc. This aids them to get a quick view of all their leads at once and decide upon a further course of action.

Management Dashboard

The Management Dashboard is a collective reflection of all the Executive Dashboards and can be accessed by the management or the chief admissions officer. The real-time status of all the prospects assigned to all the institute executives can be analyzed with this dashboard.

The Management can gain access to key information regarding leads – district-wise, state-wise, or gender-wise along with the sources of lead generation.

Using the Management Dashboard, the data related to an individual executive dashboard can also be accessed.

HR Management Features

>> Better Staff Autonomy

Offers flexibility which enables the faculty to check and update their personal data, view salary information, request leaves & time-off, thus providing more autonomy.

>> Better User Interface

Equipped with mobile apps, personalized dashboards, role-based access controls, workflow automation, and auto-generated notification, making the interface user-friendly.

>> Provision of Online Recruitment

Facilitate online recruitment of faculty members in a secure, easy, and transparent system. Supervise the complete process of recruitment, scrutiny, and data administration.

>> Gives Rewards

Calculate hourly wages, salaries, variable payment for overtime, bonuses, sales commissions, etc. while withholding elective and regulatory deductions, resulting in accurate net payments.

>> Beneficial to Administration

Helps the HR team to plan and configure eligibility rules and make deposits or payments to employees. Offers self-service open enrollment and integrates the costs with accounting.

>> Service Book Module Integration

Service book module provides the user a provision to store, scan, and retrieve original documents of the employee’s personal file.

What We Do

Features for accurate tracking and process optimization

Storage of employee data

HRMS facilitates the safe and efficient storage of employee data. With the help of HRMS, an HR representative can easily process employee information on the system without wasting much time doing the paperwork.

Employee payroll management

HRMS can efficiently manage the payroll of all the employees in the company. Now, payroll management is not just limited to the payment of salary. It includes a wide spectrum of activities that need to be included as a part of employee compensation management.

Recruitment management

Manual hiring and onboarding process is a tedious and time-consuming process. Not just that, it involves a lot of manpower and extensive man-hours, which can be used for more productive activities. It is time to now make your hiring and onboarding process simpler, quicker and efficient.

Employee benefits administration

Employee benefits usually include other non-wages compensation provided to employees over and above their normal salary. For instance, housing or accommodation, insurance, retirement benefits, sick leaves, paid leaves and so on.

Attendance and time management

The commitment of employees is a vital contributor to the success of the organisation. And, employee attendance and time management form the basis of employee commitment to the company.

Employee performance management

Generally, companies monitor the performance of employees annually and provide feedback only once every year. This slows down the improvement process, as the employee has to wait for the annual appraisal to receive feedback about their performance and their areas of improvement.